Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blog Buttons

Hey everyone!

You may not have noticed, but recently I added a page to my blog called 'Button Swapies'. Basically, as many other bloggers do, I have created a blog button. You can see this to the right of your screen.

To use my blog button, simply copy and paste the HTML in the 'grab box' to a 'HTML/Javascript' widget in your layout. Then my image should appear when you view your blog. This means that when somone clicks on it, they will be directed to my blog.

I am proposing to do FREE button swaps, to increase traffic to mine and your blogs. If you would like to do a button swap, it would be lovely if you could follow my blog and drop me a comment either on this post or on the 'Button Swapsies' page. We can also discuss swapping by email!


Email me at:

I promise that for as long as my button is on your blog, your button will be on my blog! An of course, the other way round!

I hope some of you would like to swap, it is a lovely blog feature to have and you will be pride of place in my right sidebar!

Thank you very much, happy swapping!

Megan x

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