Monday, 11 February 2013

25 Fun Facts About Me TAG!

Ok, so I wasn't tagged, but after reading my friends post (view it HERE!) I decided to give it a go!

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians is my favourite show. There's something therapeutic about watching someone elses life whilst sitting on the sofa!
2. I only own one bag that isn't a cross-body bag.
3. I wish I could think 'YOLO!' more often!
4. I have around 280 bottles of nail polish *shakes head*. I know. I had about an 8 month time period where I was nail blogging. Wanna see it? HERE.
5. I love skater skirts and dresses, I find them so flattering on me and theyr're so classy yet casual.
6.I own NO MAC products. I long at their collections but with a small budget, it isn't really realistic but I love the look of Flatter Me from the Archie's Girls collection.
7. I love rose gold jewellery. I dream of a Michael Kors rose gold watch but I guess I will have to settle with a Primarni one for a fiver, if I can even find that!
8. I thought of my blog name when flicking through my nail blog posts. I saw 'NYC Pier 17' and thought, hey! 'The Beauty Pier'!
9. I love textiles. And fashion. And beauty. And shopping. Especially shopping...
10. I own one foundation that is running out... recommendations anyone?
11. I think too much.
12. I spend too much time watching beauty gurus on YouTube.
13. I want Disco Pants. Someone, please please please make a highstreet dupe under £20. PLEASE! ;)
14. It makes me sad there are no Maybelline Baby Lips in the UK!
15. I waste a little too much time internet window shopping (does that exist? It does now!) on Topshop and E.L.F.
16. I want the MUFE Flash Colour palette sooo badly. I can't justify like... £70 though!
17. My best makeup bargain was 14 Gosh Soft'n Shine Lip Blms at Superdrug a few months back. Guess how much they were? 99p! Less than a pound! RRP £7.99, so I got 14 for less than the price of 2! Woopwoop!
18. I get sick of seasons quite quickly, I'm looking forward to Spring though I thought Autumn was my favourite season I'm not so sure now!
19. I want a Tangle Teaser.
20. The day I wrote this I discovered I have the same No.7 Light up mirror as Essiebutton, or Estée.
21. I very rarely wear anything other than neutrals on my lids. I just haven't found an alternative colour for my brown eyes. Any suggestions?
22. I loveeeee Wonka's Sweet Tarts...Mmmmm!
23. The most fun part of my makeup routine is my contour... I find it so fun!
24. I am in love with my mattress topper. Everyone needs one. It's like sleeping on clouds!
25. I love khaki. In every single season.

So, I hope you now know 25 new things about me!
Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Hi lovely thanks for the comment on my blog :) 280 nail polishes is IMPRESSIVE! I thought I had too many!! Hop over to my blog and enter my giveaway if you like, it's running until next weekend :)

    Jess x

    1. Sorry to reply so late Jessica, somehow I didn't get a Gmail when you kindly commented!
      I find 280 nail polishes quite shameful sometimes ;)Thank you fot reading my post! :)


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