Thursday, 28 February 2013

OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where?

Hi everyone!
Today I am posting about a nail polish which isn't actually mine, I borrowed it from Lauren over at LozzaNailedIt! aka. I Want What She Has and she used one of my polishes. If you could pretty please check out Lauren's blog, we are great friends and it would make our day if you could click on over there and follow or drop her a comment to support her! It's what makes blogging so rewarding, hearing your thoughts! :)
On to the nail polish. Below you can see 2 coats with Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener as a base and a topcoat, which makes it appear very glossy.
I would describe the colour as a coral bordering read with a clear orange undertone. I was so in love with this colour on my nails, and I will have to buy a bottle for myself or pester Lauren again! ;)
(The lines in the polish on my ring finger are from my duvet... I go to sleep with perfect pointers and wave up this!)
I must say, this polish is like a dream. Application is smooth and very even, one coater if you are careful! Dry time, is average but I found lasting power to be around 5 days with my Barry M Topcoat, not bad at all!
This *might* be my favourite OPI!
What's yours?
Or is there one you wish for?
Let me know in the comments!
Thank you for reading :)
Links - to buy here.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wishlist #2 (Entirely Tosphop...)


I know, it was not too long ago I wrote a wishlist but I am craving so many lovely things I feel I need to get them on here before I forget!
1.Topshop Bowler Hat - linked.
2.Topshop Holographic Nailes in Wistful - linked.
3.Topshop Flower Crochet Detail Shirt - linked.
4.Topshop Tall Disco Treggings - linked.
5.Topshop Knitted Rib Scoop V Jumper - linked.
6.Topshop Alphabet Sweat Tank Dress - linked.
There you are! What I'm desperate to buy but most likely never will... :(
Hehe, what are you lusting after?
Let me know in the comments!
Thank you!!
Megan x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rimmel Blush Coral Rose

Hey everyone!
Today, I have a blusher with some swatches and review to show, that I managed to pick up for £1.50 in Boots, in a Clearance section. I also picked up another for 50p (post coming soon, I promise!) but for now, lets focus on Coral Rose.
I would describe Coral Rose as a peachy pink with a frosty shimmer. The shimmer looks like a glow on the cheeks so this blush is great for a wake me up makeup look.
I love the dinky packaging. There is no excess (like 90% of products these days, tut tut) and it is simply black (however can look cheap due to the shiny plastic). It is durable and should I have it floating in my handbag alone I don't think much damage would be done to the product inside.
The formula is a little powdery, however still workable.
I found wear time to be 5-6 hours, my skin is normal/dry however blushes never seem to last long on me :(
If you see this blush, even at full price, give it a go! You won't be disappointed and if it's on sale, then think of me saying "BUY IT! BUY IT!" - Bargain!
Thank you for reading!
Let me know in the comments your thoughts!
Do you own a Rimmel Blush?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Small Haul #1

Hi everyone!
Today I did a little bit of shopping and I think what I got was good considering I spent less than £8.

The items on my bed.
As you can probably see, from Primark I purchased a moustache print shopper bag for a bargainous £1.50.

I saw that this was a good blackhead remover and since I am a annoyed sufferer of them around my nose and chin, this seemed a justified purchase. I had seen it was £1.99 last week, but this week it went back up to £3.99 though I used a £1 worth of points cards so I didn't mind when I got it down to £2.99.

Probably the best purchase, I got a Gosh nail polish for £2.49. Six colours in Superdrug were half price (perhaps discontinuing...??) and this was the only one left, however I am more than chuffed at the gorgeous khaki green creme this polish is!
Lastly, 3 pairs of socks on sale from Primark for £1? How could I have left them! I wanted these when they were £2 so that was a nice suprise! The words say: Love, Cute and Babe.
Have you been shopping recently? Bought anything nice? Let me know in the comments!
Thank you for reading!
Megan x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wishlist #1

A laid back post today as I have no images ready and watermarked to upload, so I thought I would do a wishlist! I always read them, so why not write one?!

1. HM Blouse - linked.
I was browsing the H&M website and saw this gorgeous almost illusional print shirt. I think with a gold statement necklace underneath a done up collar this could look very fashionable!

2. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 100ml - linked.
When you hear rave reviews of a product so much it is hard to ignore, and this was the case with this perfume. I smelt it in Superdrug and fell in love, and because it is now half price I am finding it hard to restrain myself! Argh!

3. Benefit Erase Paste - linked.
I am sure I NEED this. Undereye circles plaque me and this seems the only answer, with so many 5 star reviews and cute packaging I might have to purchase! (If you have used this product or have any recommendations, ppplease let me know! I love to hear from you!)

4. Dorothy Perkins Rose Gold Spike Ear Cuff - linked.
If anything is rose gold jewellery of some sort it needs to be mine.

5. River Island Black Heart Print Snood - linked.
I saw this and loved the hearts and monochrome. I know Valentines Day is over but it is just so versatile!
6. River Island NYC Burnout Tee - linked.
This t-shirt reminds me of something Brandy Melville would sell! But there is one Brandy Melville store in the UK :(
7.Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Box - linked.
I see so many gurus talk of Macadamia, so why not lust after a £70 box of goodies? We can dream ...
8. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - linked.
Hopefully this will be mine at the weekend (perhaps the powder too, what do you think?) as my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is very low and I love the concept of this one, plus it is £2 off at the moment in Superdrug!
Thank you for reading, if you have any questions leave them below!
What are you lusting after?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Top 5 Lip Balms

Lip balms to me are essential. So, for my post today, I would like to introduce you to my current favourite ones, that have helped my poor lips throughout the winter months!
1. Nivea Pure and Natural Milk & Honey Lip Balm
I bought this after reading so many reviews I could not resist any more! This is the most moisturising out of all the lip balms I am going to show you today, it feels very smooth and thick on the lips and mine is now down to a stump I have used it so much! I actually like the scent, it is a honey fragrance which I find quite cosy. The downside in my opinion is the yellow bullet, I understand it has no colour pay off but it just doesn't look as nice as others!
2. Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rosé
I bought this balm in Tesco for £1.99, though in Superdrug it can be found for 50p cheaper. The fragrance on this is amazing, I can definitly smell the raspberry and it is just so sweet without being sickly! The texture on this is very thick and as FleurDeForce said, a teeny bit waxy. However, I do find it does a good job at moisturising and it tints the lips a baby pink.
3. Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter - Mint
I don't even know how a lip balm can be fresh, but this feels so light and tingly on the lips it is perfect to wake yourself up during the day! I love the mint fragrance and that it is organic, again, this is extremely mosturising and gives Nivea a run for their money!
4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Lip Balm
I love this lip balm as it has a nice subtle scent of cocoa and has good moistursing properties for the price. I think that this can be found the cheapest out of all 5, I got mine from Sainsbury's for £1.23 in a deal. The formula is creamy and smooth and I love how it feels on my lips. Also, I don't mind throwing this in my bag or my pocket as it is so widely available and budget friendly!
5. Thisworks Turbo Balm
I use this at night because the scent is quite soothing and it is really good at keeping lips soft. I bought this for £3.79 in TKMaxx in a christmas cracker (probably left over seasonal stock) as well as a Sleep Balm for the same price. RRP is £10.00, which I personally would not pay but I do enjoy using this at night!
Have you tried any of teh above? What's your favourite balm?
Let me knwo in the comments!
Thank you for reading! :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze - Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!
So I recently bought this Color Tattoo with the Boots 3 for 2 offer, I love those things!
I chose On and On Bronze as I thought it would be a lovely colour to use as a smokey eye base, a liner, a crease colour or under the lower lashline. It was also to me the most wearable colour from the range, as it is such a neutral colour whereas the gold is a little too yellow for me though I still bought that one anyway (post coming soon!).
On and On Bronze is a medium bronze brown with pearly shimmer.
Product in Natural Lighting.

Product Side View - I think the packaging is misleading as to how much product you get.

I found the formula of this product to be very nice. It was smooth and creamy without being too wet or too dry and unworkable. I found the cream shadow to dry quite quickly, therefore there isn't really too much time to play with these once they are on your lid.


Showing up blue toned here? Silly camera!

For wear this product ticked all the boxes. It maintained its pigmentation throughout the day for 12 hours until I removed it. There is no doubt that this product would have still stayed on my lid after that, I just needed to sleep so consequently had to take it off!
Please note, my lids are rather dry/normal, therefore I would imagine wear time would be less with oiler lids. I did not use primer.
I found no fading from On and On Bronze and I will definately be wanting to purchase more colours.
My only moan is that I believe there are limited edition shades in the US which we don't have access to with the exception of Ebay.
Overall, a nice idea with great staying power!
PS. I noticed Superdrug had new shades in! I swear I saw Persistently Pink, Timeless Black, 25K Gold and Light in Purple! However, they can be found on the Boots website but currently not on Superdrug (all shades £1 off, so £3.99)!

Maybelline On and On Bronze Color Tattoo can be found here and here.
 Another PS - the images are water marked 'MegaNails' because that was my old blog I was planning to post them on before I made this one! Hope you don't mind!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nivea Express Hydration Primer (Normal/Combination) Review

Hi again!
Today I have a review of a fairly new product from Nivea, called the Express Hydration Primer.
I have the Normal/Combination variety (there is also a Dry/Sensitive) which I don't find at all harsh on my skin, considering my skin is usually dry and sensitive.

Yes. I just swatched a rather colourless product. Why? To show you the rather strange texture. It's akin to a gel texture, and is quite thin and almost watery when you begin to rub it into the face. Afterwards, my face does feel moisturised and no longer tight like it feels after cleansing. It does even out the texture of my skin but as I don't tend to suffer with visible pores, so I can't comment truthfully if a pore refining primer is what you are after.
When it is on your face it makes your skin feel more plump and smooth to touch. You can feel the product on your face for a while, but your skin does feel refreshed, and the cucumber scent just tops it all off!
Due to its moisturising and smoothing properties, I use this on no-makeup days and have experienced no troubles, so overall this is a great multiuse product.
I love that the moisturiser and primer are combined, as otherwise I don't tend to prime in the morning because I am usually limited of time as it is. I find my makeup does look 'fresher for longer' but not for hours on end. I would say it prolongs wear time for up to 3 hours on my skin (Combo/Dry/Normal?!)
Would I repurchase? Yes, unless another company reveals something similar I can try.
Rating: 3.5
Where to buy:

Monday, 11 February 2013

25 Fun Facts About Me TAG!

Ok, so I wasn't tagged, but after reading my friends post (view it HERE!) I decided to give it a go!

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians is my favourite show. There's something therapeutic about watching someone elses life whilst sitting on the sofa!
2. I only own one bag that isn't a cross-body bag.
3. I wish I could think 'YOLO!' more often!
4. I have around 280 bottles of nail polish *shakes head*. I know. I had about an 8 month time period where I was nail blogging. Wanna see it? HERE.
5. I love skater skirts and dresses, I find them so flattering on me and theyr're so classy yet casual.
6.I own NO MAC products. I long at their collections but with a small budget, it isn't really realistic but I love the look of Flatter Me from the Archie's Girls collection.
7. I love rose gold jewellery. I dream of a Michael Kors rose gold watch but I guess I will have to settle with a Primarni one for a fiver, if I can even find that!
8. I thought of my blog name when flicking through my nail blog posts. I saw 'NYC Pier 17' and thought, hey! 'The Beauty Pier'!
9. I love textiles. And fashion. And beauty. And shopping. Especially shopping...
10. I own one foundation that is running out... recommendations anyone?
11. I think too much.
12. I spend too much time watching beauty gurus on YouTube.
13. I want Disco Pants. Someone, please please please make a highstreet dupe under £20. PLEASE! ;)
14. It makes me sad there are no Maybelline Baby Lips in the UK!
15. I waste a little too much time internet window shopping (does that exist? It does now!) on Topshop and E.L.F.
16. I want the MUFE Flash Colour palette sooo badly. I can't justify like... £70 though!
17. My best makeup bargain was 14 Gosh Soft'n Shine Lip Blms at Superdrug a few months back. Guess how much they were? 99p! Less than a pound! RRP £7.99, so I got 14 for less than the price of 2! Woopwoop!
18. I get sick of seasons quite quickly, I'm looking forward to Spring though I thought Autumn was my favourite season I'm not so sure now!
19. I want a Tangle Teaser.
20. The day I wrote this I discovered I have the same No.7 Light up mirror as Essiebutton, or Estée.
21. I very rarely wear anything other than neutrals on my lids. I just haven't found an alternative colour for my brown eyes. Any suggestions?
22. I loveeeee Wonka's Sweet Tarts...Mmmmm!
23. The most fun part of my makeup routine is my contour... I find it so fun!
24. I am in love with my mattress topper. Everyone needs one. It's like sleeping on clouds!
25. I love khaki. In every single season.

So, I hope you now know 25 new things about me!
Thank you for reading! :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige

Hi again!
Today I hve to show you yet another fab product from Rimmel. They've been doing well recently with the Kate Moss lippies and their Scandaleyes eyeliners, so when I saw a pic of the new Scandleyes Shadow Sticks I knew one had to be mine!

I've always wanted a Mac Paintpot in Bare Study, but the price tag has always put me off -I'm all for highstreet dupes. I can't compare them because I don't own it, but all I wanted was a cream shadow that is a shimmery nude, and Bulletproof Beige is just that!


The colours available are:
- Blackmail
- Paranoid Purple
- Tempting Turquoise
- Bad Bronze
- Bulletproof Beige.

The formula on the Shadow stick is very creamy and smooth. I find the texture similar to the liners that Rimmel make as well as the lasting time. When I take my makeup off at night, the shadow still looks impressive, a little patchy in places but they can withstand at least 10 hours looking fab. The packaging claims that the wear time is 24hrs, but as we all have experienced, these claims are rarely true which bugs me a lot but perhaps that is for another post.

Here is a generous swatch, in natural lighting:

I love this. It's a great natural shade for and all-over colour if you are running out of time in the morning. As for the other shades, I will need to pick up Bad Bronze before the offer runs out at Superdrug (£3.49 instead of £4.49) as I think it would look great smudgd out around my lash line.

Rating: 4
Where to buy: Superdrug - here. or Boots - here.

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Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Review

To me, Lush is a brand which you can't help but adore. Scents are my weakness, and when their special limited edition items come out I'm desperate to head to a store and give them a try. But why not start with a popular permanent line product as my first blog post here at 'The Beauty Pier'?

I have a huge collection of lip balms, but only one scrub. The 'Bubblegum Lip Scrub' from Lush is reminiscent of their raved about Snow Fairy shower gel in scent. Not exact, but very close.

The idea of a lip scrub is that you stick your finger into the pot and with the sugary substance, simply scrub your lips. Then, the best bit, lick it all off and savour the sweet candy goodness! If you don't have a sweet tooth or don't like sweet scents, then this won't be for you, but rest assured, Lush do two other flavours (Popcorn and Mint Julips) which you can give a go!

I use this scrub daily when I remember to. It retails at £5.25 for a 25g pot. I was a bit taken back by the price at first, but considering Lush is such an ethical brand, I can justify it. You also get a LOT of product. I was impressed the first time I opened the pot as it was full to the brim, so there is definitely no excess packaging, another advantage.

After using this product my lips feel smoother than ever! There are no dry patches whatsoever and it may just be me or the continuous rubbing on my lips, but they seem to be naturally flushed and a pinky colour.

If you are considering to buy, I would certainly recommend you do!
What's your favourite lip scrub?

Rating: 5
Where to buy: Lush - HERE.

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