Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Here's for the third instalment of my little diary updates -  May to October 2016. I didn't intend to leave it over 5 months for another update but at least we have lots to chat about.

So last time we spoke I was so proud of my little friendship group -  12 of us who has the FUNNIEST lunches together and did some fab things  - going to an aqua park was a highlight for us all during the summer. However, we  have mostly gone in different directions now and I suppose it just shows how temporary some things can be, although I loved my group while it lasted. I'm still close to a few and sincerely hope that carries on, so in some aspects things are the same: I'm grateful to be around people I get on with so well and who genuinely care about each other.

In terms of boys - right now there is none. Surprisingly, I'm not too bothered -  I think right now is certainly the time for me to have NO distractions: university is looming, I have A levels to get through and the same part time Tesco job to balance. I get jealous sometimes of my friends who are clearly very happy with a boyfriend, but I think it's definitely time to take my mum's advice: I've got the rest of my life for that !!

I also touched on driving last time. I'm 17 now and started learning to drive in July, a month after my birthday. My test is booked for just over a month's time and I think I'll fail it to be honest, but I'll see how it goes anyway. I said I was excited for Kelan to pass too  - he did just that in June and it's the best thing ever. We went to Leicester the other day and made it there and back alive - it certainly was a bonding experience and I had such a fab day. My friend Lauren (if you've read my blog for a while, I think you'll remember her) passed too and her car has the CUTEST pink stereo. It makes me happy that we can listen to music together in her 'glamourmobile'.

I made it through all my AS exams and I've learnt from my mistakes of last year: I said I'd be happy with AAAB but I got ABBB, with the A being in Business. Heartbroken me didn't work as hard as possible I don't think, and I definitely spent TOO much time sulking. For that reason, I've 'hit the ground running' this year. I'm trying to start the hard work now and keep it up all year. I must admit, doing so with a part time job is hard work. I think people overlook the difficulty of sixth form - you're trying to develop yourself, get fab grades that you keep with you for the rest of your life, earn sufficient money to support yourself mostly, have a social life, and learn to drive. Not to mention all the extra bits like work experience and volunteering you're expected to fit in along the way. I'll probably look back on this when I have a full time job and bills and laugh at myself though.

Everyone is applying for uni now and to be honest I don't think I'm ready. I'm going to take a gap year, but still apply I think and then defer entry. I'll see how it goes, but I've decided on a course: geography and management.

I think that's all for my update: so Year 13 is well under way, I'm still working at Tesco, and I'm learning to drive. Maybe I'll next update you Christmas time?

Megan x

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I wanted to do an update from my last post of my 2015 yearly review. Although I don't use this blog anymore for general makeup reviews and fashion bollocks, I like the idea I can look back on my diary-like posts in the future and see what was happening in my little life. So here you go -  January to May 2016.

I think in my last post I talked about my friends and how people, both new and old, have come and gone. The friendship group of our new year party is still together -  there's about 12 of us and I love having such a good mix of people around me. I've grown closer to some in that friendship group I've hardly spoken to before in my 6 years at the same school as them (yes Kelan) and it makes me happy to realise I have so much in common with them I never knew before.

I've learnt I can actually be quite a strong person this year. I lost my granddad for starters, and although I didn't see him often, I feel proud to have helped my mum through that process. Funerals are awful and that one was particularly heartbreaking, but I felt good to attend as his granddaughter and see old family.

The boy I mentioned in my last post (the rather romantic new years kiss one), is no longer my boyfriend. I never knew what it felt like to break up with someone properly before, (or have a proper relationship), and it's still rather fresh, but I'm feeling much happier and I think I made the right choice to end that relationship. I do hope one day we will be friends like before again though, because it's hard to see someone you were close to drift away.

This is the time my friends have driving tests coming up. The said 'new years kiss boy' passed, and while together it was fab to have the freedom to go wherever. My work best friend also passed, and picked me up from school the other day -  I felt so independent. Adults take driving for granted, but when you're my age, being able to take yourself places is one of the most exciting things in the world. I cannot wait until Kelan passes, and more of us can spend our summer together.

In terms of school, I'm bloody in love with geography and it seems to be what I want to study at university. Who'd have thought I'd ever feel like that, as I despised the subject early on in the year. Exams are about 12 days away, (and I should be revising instead of writing this), and I sincerely hope I come out with at least AAAB. Maybe I'm being a bit optimistic there, but I want to continue doing well in school. It means a ridiculous amount to me, My spanish speaking exam is over and although I've lost the stretchy man that came with it, I can almost still feel the nerves from that day. Having an unpredictable conversation in another language is SO daunting -  una nueva experiencia para mi.

I think that's about it for the last few months - I'm still working at Tesco, spending my money on various beauty and fashion bits, and enjoying sixth form. Maybe the next update will be in the summer - we shall see what has changed then.

Megan x

Sunday, 10 January 2016


God it's been a while and I don't know if I'm staying, but I wanted to do a 2015 review (although about a week late) for my own personal read in the future. I think it'll be fun as I get older to reread these posts and remember what I got up to as a teenager, as cringe as it sounds.

2015 was the year I felt like I grew up most. For starters, I went through both mock and real GCSE exams. In the mocks I managed to do really bloody well -  and the same went for the actual ones. I took GCSEs in English Lit, English Lang, Maths, Further Maths, Spanish, History, Textiles, Business, Science, Additional Science and something to do with IT... I think that's it. I came out with 7A*s, 2A's, 1B and a distinction. The B was in textiles and I still get annoyed thinking about it. I managed 5th best in the year and I literally bawled my eyes out when I got the results - the picture on the school website is less than flattering (my nose is red af). In terms of education, I'm still at the same school doing 4 A levels in Geog, Spanish, Business and Maths. DO NOT DO A LEVEL MATHS. The stress will kill you. I've fallen in love with geography a little and business will always be my fave subject. It isn't too hard going really.

My friends have changed to people I never expected and it's weird but incredible at the same time. I've made such strong bonds with so many people (not to blow my own trumpet) and I'm all the more confident because of it. My year 11 mates are no longer at the same school (love you Jenna and Dannii) but we've all moved on and I couldn't be happier that they're all doing what they enjoy. The group of boys we all fell out with in Year 11 (hi Harry) are now some of my best friends and it's weird how you can become so close so quickly. 2015 was also the year I got involved with boys romantically (oooooerrrr check me out). My best friends Lauren and Anna have been there to witness it all and I cannot tell you how many times I've called Lauren and we've spoke for hours on end about the deepest of stuff, (never forget Lauren's sobbing over the phone as I was in the staff room) and the group chat was definitely on fire with all sorts of gossip. I wish I didn't delete my messages sometimes so I can reread and laugh about how we both fancied the same boy (maybe that was 2014) or all of our first kisses. It couldn't be cringier but I love those two.

It was also the year I went to my first party and got drunk -  don't worry it was all very sensible. I'll always have those memories with my best friend Lauren and the pictures to go with it. We met new people and I'm so glad we went.

I also started a job. Well, I did one shift at Primark, quit straight away, and now I'm currently working at Tesco on the beauty department. My blog helped me get that job and I'm much more confident because of it. It's difficult balancing 16 hours work and a full time education every week, but there's nothing I love more than having my own wages to spend. It also pays pretty well for my age. I've met so many people there and I feel so comfortable working with ladies older than me too. I've learnt so much from them... mostly about boys and life in general. I do hope the customers don't hear all our conversations though - because sometimes talk gets a bit unpc on the shop floor.

I went on my holidays to Cornwall and a weekend in Bath -  I spent Bath a bit heartbroken but Cornwall was wonderful as always and one day I promise me and my friends will road trip there. A girl can dream at least. Some of my friends have started driving and that'll be something I do come my birthday in June. That's another thing - this year I'll be 17... so weird.

I hope when future me reads this I'll find it somewhat laughable, because I bet the things that seem so serious to me now, I'll look back on and wonder why I ever stressed. My New Years resolution is to spend less time on my phone and do some exercise, but so far I've spent this Sunday half revising and half texting, and when my friends went to get a gym membership I didn't turn up. Here's to a fab 2016...

Megan x

Sunday, 12 July 2015


It's been a very long time since I've even logged into my blogger account, and as most bloggers do, I feel I should briefly explain why - and 70% off my excuse is pure laziness. These last few months have seen mock exams, GCSE exams, controlled assessments, my birthday (I can finally say I'm 16), the start of my summer holiday and my first job. I'm not sure how I feel about it all;I've grown up more in these last 3 months than I have at any other point in my life - I've even caught a train by myself, shock horror. I've checked my stats which are looking pretty dire, and I'm not sure whether this post will mark the start of blogging again for me, or the end of it all together -  I just don't know. I'm constantly thinking about this blog and how I suddenly abandoned it, yet there is nothing propelling me to get it up and running again. I don't want this space to be like anyone else's, but with so many people taking to the internet to voice their thoughts nowadays, it can be pretty difficult. If I decide to start writing again, I'd like my posts to be more REAL, instead of just materialistic things. Voicing my opinion via a blog post has always been something I've done, but never ever published. If you could all see my drafts you'd be shocked at how much never made it online.

I've also considered a new blog altogether, which I don't have a name nor a theme for. I just know I want it to be original. I've contemplated simply changing the URL and name of this blog, but I've always thought if I change the direction of my blog then my readers will become disengaged and uninterested. Blogging has become such a professional environment in these past few years, and I kind of miss my excitement when I would post a blurry picture of my half done manicure and joyfully describe it to my 3 readers. I don't know... what do you think?

Megan x

Monday, 2 February 2015


Before, I've done a 5 product face, but this time I thought I'd revisit it, with a little extra product knowledge. I don't think my choices have changed drastically, as there's still the basic outline of cheek and base products with mascara. For this really simple yet polished natural look, I started by applying the Dr Jart Waterfuse BB Cream. I've had this for the longest time, and it never fails to impress me. If you're looking for a high coverage product, this won't be for you, but I love the sheer glow it gives to the skin. For concealer, I doubled up, which meant I couldn't afford to include a brow product, but flawless skin is always important to me. I had to include the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener for the under eyes, and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for elsewhere blemishes. I probably should have chosen a concealer that compromises in both luminosity and coverage really. Then, I include the Nars cheek duo in Laguna and Orgasm. Two of my favourite products in one nifty pan. The bronzer is beautiful, and the blush provided a little glow for my cheeks without being overpowering. I would have preferred to use Milani Luminoso, but of course, then it wouldn't have been 5 products. I cheated a little with brows and simply brushed them with a spoolie, because I'm quite lucky in the fact that my brows are rather low maintenance. Then to complete, a curl of my lashes and a couple of coats of Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof.

What would be included in your 5 product face?

Megan x